Anniversary Song

The Song Competition winner is Sis. Rochelle Thomas. She has been a member of the Gordon Town SDA family since birth. Her love for music along with the experiences and memories that she has had while being at GTSDA led her to write the lyrics to this song. “I think it just sums up everything about Gordon Town SDA Church” she stated. The official song of the Gordon Town SDA church 25th Anniversary Song can be seen below.

From humble beginnings, we have emerged today,
25 years of God's love full and free,
Inspired by the past, on our journey to glory
Empowered to serve the community.
A place of learning
A place of growing
A place where friends become family.
Worshipping Jesus' name,
Strength for the weak and the lame,
Impacting lives for eternity.
Our life is the evidence,
Of God's living presence,
He's United us as a band of believers,
On this journey to Jerusalem
Worshipping Jesus' name,
Knowing that He'll come again,
We'll live with Him through eternity